Cuauhtémoc “Rod” Rodriguez, the owner and operator of Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc. served as president of AGC Alaska for the 2018-2019 term. During the AGC Annual Conference, on November 9th 2019, Rod passed the torch and assumed the role of Past President to help guide and educate the now current AGC president for the 2019-2020 term. As president of AGC, Rod attended every committee meeting possible, went to every event, and assisted each member however he could. During the conference, Rod helped advocate, educate, and promote the construction industry by attending the various seminars on health, safety, management, liability, and accountability; speaking during the conference events; and listening to the comments and concerns of AGC members. To Rod, the annual conference is an important event that brings contractors from across the state together, and helps build a foundation for the construction industry in Alaska to grow. He looks forward to next year’s conference and can’t wait to see what exciting new things it will bring.

(AGC Executive Board 2019-2020: Kirk Curry, Sarah Lefebvre, Gary Klebs, Chris Reilly, Cuauhtémoc “Rod” Rodriguez, Brian Midyett, and Marcus Trivette)