Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and are looking forward to what this new decade has in store for us – we sure are! When you are re-packing, re-wrapping, and re-tidying your Christmas and New Year’s decorations this year, consider the following:

  • 38,000 miles of ribbon were used this year. That’s enough ribbon to wrap around the planet with some left for a bow.
  • $11 billion was spent on packing material alone.
  • And 15 million Christmas trees were cut down and used for a holiday decoration.

If we continue to use recourses to this extreme, each year it will get worse. So next year, how can you help start a change reaction (pun intended)?

  • Give a gift that needs no wrapping – an experience!
  • Re-use old holiday cards as eye-catching gift tags.
  • Hold the suspense and open presents gently to reuse wrapping.
  • And recycle your used Christmas tree, or consider a plastic life lasting alternative.

Coldfoot and Our Earth thanks you!