Women in Construction Week

Women in Construction Week is this week, March 1st – 7th! We have some fantastic ladies in our office that are hard at work for the construction industry here in Alaska. Coldfoot gladly recognizes these women and all of the effort and work that they put in to helping our company develop to better support our clients and their needs. The focus of Women in Construction (WIC) Week is to highlight women, and all of the work that they do, as a critical component of the construction industry. Most people don’t realize that of the total workers in the construction industry, about 10% are women (an increase of about 7% since 2018), and of that 10%, about 50% of those women are working in managerial positions meaning women are taking charge in the construction industry and working hard to do so. The other 50% of those women are working in service, production, transportation, and material moving positions – positions that have been long thought of as “men’s work.” We aren’t bashing the men, but women in construction often feel left out, looked over, or underappreciated because it is a male dominated field. In light of this week, we encourage you to take a few moments and recognize the women in your own office and tell us, who will you be celebrating this week?