Celebrating Independence Day!

This year, we celebrated the Fourth of July a little differently than in previous years. COVID-19 has taken its toll in more ways than one, but we always find a way to stay positive and remember that above all, safety is number one! Being around family and getting to spend extra time with the people we may not see very often is something good that’s come out of these crazy times. Having the ability to celebrate the day that our country gained its freedom, is an amazing feeling. When we think about the many men and women who put their lives on the line so long ago, so that we could build a thriving, freedom-rich country to call home, it’s a feeling that will make us forever grateful and humbled to call this place home. It’s always important to remember our history and past experiences because they’ve shaped us into the prosperous country that we are today. We hope you had a happy, healthy, and safe Independence Day!