Anchorage City-Wide Cleanup 2021

This year, Coldfoot Environmental Services, and Red Box Refuse teamed up for the 53rd Anchorage City-Wide Cleanup. In recognition of the 53rd annual event, our goal was to pick up 53 bags of trash; we exceeded that goal! Together, we picked up a total of 62 bags of trash to fill up a 15 CY dumpster. That is a lot of litter! Our focus area for this event was arctic, from Dimond to 36th and C-street from Raspberry to Dimond. This is such a great event and wonderful way to get Anchorage clean after our long winter!

The city-wide clean up is an important event that helps spruce up the community for the summer. It allows people to participate in making their community feel more like how and provides people with a little bit more of ownership and pride. Each year, this event collects and disposes of millions of pounds of trash from the Anchorage, Eagle River, and Girdwood neighborhoods. Coldfoot and Red Box are happy to say they have continued to those numbers – cleaning up the streets – but what about all of the trash that was missed? Surely, there were some items missed and it makes you realize we can do better.

With that said – we hope that one day there wont be a need for such a large event – that everyone will take responsibility for the trash they create and dispose of it properly, that all containers will be bear-proof, and that humans will work together to create a trash and debris free world. It seems like a dream, but if we work together – this dream can one day become reality.