Unalakleet Demolition

NVU Building Demolition


Location: Unalakleet, Alaska
Type of Project: Industrial; Demolition
Project Duration: Approximately One Month
Contractor Type: Prime Contractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: None
Quantity Removed: Zero
Scope of Work: This project included complete demolition of the NVU building in Unalakeet Alaska. Activities included complete demolition; waste hauling; and material disposal. Mobilization/demobilization crew and supplies were delivered via aircraft while wet abrasive blasting equipment was delivered by barge. Offsite hazmat disposal was taken care of by truck-barge-rail routed through CDB-SEA-IDA. Wet abrasive blasting of lead-based paint on steel structures was done in order to allow for structural inspections on seismic upgrades. Hangar supports the deicing equipment for aircraft.
Work Subcontracted: None
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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