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Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc.

"Working Today for a Healthier Tomorrow"

Founded in 2001, by Cuauhtémoc Rodriguez, Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc. will be celebrating 20 years in 2020. Coldfoot was established as an environmental company to help protect and renew our valuable natural resources. Through this mission, Coldfoot helps keep Alaska clean, safe, and healthy by doing the dirty work – removing regulated materials. If you know of a project that could use the Coldfoot touch, please let us know! If you are interested in learning more about our company check out our new website: learn more about what services we have to offer; read about what we have been up to this past month; and get to know our team. Thank you and we look forward to working with you soon!”

Experience. Reputation. Commitment.

Through our experience working on industrial, commercial, federal, and private remediation projects, we have earned a reputation emphasizing our commitment to providing a safe work environment, Eco friendly work conditions, and quality work solutions for all of our clients.

Monthly Memos

Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc.

Anchorage City-Wide Cleanup 2021

This year, Coldfoot Environmental Services, and Red Box Refuse teamed up for the 53rd Anchorage City-Wide Cleanup. In recognition of the 53rd annual event, our goal was to pick up 53 bags of trash; we exceeded that goal! Together, we picked up a total of 62 bags of trash to fill up a 15 CY…
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Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc.

Fatal Falls Highest In Construction

Did you know that construction has the most fatal falls of all industries? In 2017, fatal falls accounted for 366 of 971 total construction fatalities and represented more than 1/2 (51%) of ALL work-related falls nation-wide! Small construction companies, those with 10 of fewer employees, account for 61% of the 51% nation-wide fatal falls; that’s…
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