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Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc.


We are dedicated to providing our clients throughout the state of Alaska a professional, safe, and effective demolition, remediation, and hazardous materials removal service.


To see a booming Alaska - waste free and economically stable.

About Us

Over 20 years ago, Cuauhtémoc "Rod" Rodriguez started Coldfoot Environmental Services from the ground up. He used his military and construction knowledge as a basis for Coldfoot and takes pride in providing demolition, remediation, and hazardous materials removal services for government, commercial, and residential properties alike. In the past Coldfoot has offered many services to include painting, general construction, waste handling, and others, but as the construction industry in Alaska developed so too did Coldfoot.

Rod began to notice a need for general demolition, environmental remediation, and hazardous materials abatement services in the construction field and focused his company’s services on fitting those needs. Today, Coldfoot serves all of Alaska specializing in asbestos and lead abatement and specialty demolition projects. It is a challenge to provide these services to all of Alaska as some of the most remote locations are hard to get necessary equipment to – but it is a challenge we are happy to face. We look forward to working in remote locations of Alaska just as much as the bigger cities, because it gives us the opportunity to help develop some of the underdeveloped locations.

Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc.
Coldfoot Environmental Services, Inc.

No matter where, what, or how – Coldfoot is there for your demolition, abatement, or removal needs.

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