Abate & Demolish VOR Building


Location: Galena, Alaska
Type of Project: Industrial; Hazardous Material Removal & Demolition
Project Duration:
Contractor Type: Subcontractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos, Lead, PCB, Mercury
Quantity Removed: 50 CY
Scope of Work: This project included utility locates; abatement of asbestos containing materials, lead containing materials, PCB containing ballasts, and mercury containing florescent light tubes; disposal of all hazardous materials abated; demolition of the complete structure; disposal of all demolition debris; and complete site remediation post abatement and demolition.

Galena is a remote community located along the Yukon River, approximately 270 air miles, west of Fairbanks Alaska. Access to Galena is restricted to aircraft only, however equipment and materials are often delivered to the community by river barge during summer months. The project site is located off Campion Road, approximately 4 miles east of the Galena Airport. The geographical location of this community made getting materials in and out of the project site a challenge and limited us to the summer months only. The project itself however went smoothly and was accomplished in approximately one month.
Work Subcontracted: Trucking
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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