Parks Highway Structures Removal

MP 48.8 – 52.3


Location: Wasilla, AK
Type of Project: Industrial; Asbestos Abatement
Project Duration: October-December 2014
Contractor Type: Prime Contractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos
Quantity Removed: 1,710 CY
Scope of Work: This project included the complete removal and disposal of five buildings, foundation, fences, structures, old pavements, abandoned utilities, and other obstructions identified along the Parks Highway in Wasilla Alaska. Activities included sampling and analysis; asbestos abatement; ORM removal; backfill; decommissioning of drinking water wells and on-site septic systems; demolition and selective salvaging of materials; hauling; and material disposal.
Work Subcontracted: Hazmat Removal Services & Demolition
Overall Evaluation: Excellent