Eagle River Elementary School Earthquake Recovery


Location: Eagle River, Alaska
Type of Project: Wood frame on concrete foundation; Hazmat Removal Services
Project Duration: June-October 2020
Contractor Type: Subcontractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos, Lead, PCB, Mercury
Quantity Removed: 46,320 SF
Scope of Work: Reviewed hazardous material building survey with general contractor. Suggested additional sampling and analysis to assist with development of scope of work. Prepared work plan and submitted all local, state, and federal notifications. Prepared exemption documentation for earthquake damaged building and submitted to the EPA. Set up negative pressure containments in each unit. Decontaminated personal belongings for building occupants. Removed all gypsum wallboard on the ceilings and interior walls, fiberglass batt insulation in ceilings and walls, and sheet vinyl flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. All work had to be coordinated and phased to continue renovation activities for each unit. Temporary electrical, heating, and water were maintained and conserved during the winter project duration. Despite the freezing temperatures, the project was a success with no accidents.
Work Subcontracted: Air Monitoring
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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