Valdez Harborview Hospital Demolition


Location: Valdez, Alaska
Type of Project: Industrial; Asbestos Abatement
Project Duration: August 2006-October 2007
Contractor Type: Prime Contractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos
Quantity Removed: 75,000 SF
Scope of Work: Established traffic control plan and haul routes to eliminate congestion and improve safety measures. Erected temporary fencing and appropriate signage to demarcate work areas. SWPPP controls were implemented and monitored daily. Coordinated all utility disconnects to include communication, electrical, sewer, storm, and water with private trades and City departments. Structure was demolished within 8-feet from the new $21 Million Valdez Medical Center. Demolition was confined to the building footprint which eliminated building debris to enter the surrounding facilities, pedestrian walkways, and parking lots. General debris was loaded and hauled to the city landfill. Cover was placed in compliance with ADEC regulations. Concrete foundation and asphalt pavement was separated and recycled locally. Steel and other non-ferrous metals were recycled. Site was backfilled and graded. A temporary compost blanket was implemented as the area was scheduled for future road expansion. The project was an overall success with zero accidents and on schedule.
Work Subcontracted: Air Monitoring
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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