CPR & First Aid Basics

Coldfoot Employees are currently reviewing and renewing their first aid basics training. Several of our managers, on site operators, and abatement works renewed their CPR, First Aid, and AED certifications today with Alaska Frontier Safety and Supply (FSS). Unanimous among our team members that attended this class – “It was hands down the best CPR course I have ever attended.” We learned so much from our wonderful instructor at FSS and had fun doing it! We brought back that knowledge with us and are now reviewing our company safety and health policies including Administering Basic First Aid, Health and Safety Program, and Emergency Action Plan to see how we can improve these programs to better support our employee’s and client’s needs. We are also reviewing our basic first aid awareness training course that all of our employees must complete on an annual basis. We are adding some of the most important aspects to this course that we learned from FSS today that everyone should know such as basic rules (do not move the injured person unless their life is in immediate danger and call immediately for someone certified to address the situation), burns (cool the skin with cold water), bleeding (raise the wound above heart level), and much more. Safety is our number one concern here at Coldfoot and we dedicate a lot of time to ensure that all of our employees will be safe, and if something does occur, they will be aware of what to and how to handle any situation.