AT&T Bethel Facility

457 Quarters & Communication Buildings Demolition


Location: Bethel, Alaska
Type of Project: Commercial; Asbestos Abatement & Demolition
Project Duration:
July – August 2014
Contractor Type: Prime Contractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos
Quantity Removed: 30,972 SF
Scope of Work: This project included hazmat removal services and complete demolition of the AT&T Bethel Building 457 (4,908 SF, built in 1964). Activities included asbestos abatement of cement siding, roofing, wallboard and joint compound, piping, flooring, and duct sealants; chemical hazard removal of mercury thermostats, fluorescent bulbs, and PCB ballasts; sampling and analysis; demolition of roofing material, walls, floor, foundation, concrete, and piping; mobilization and demobilization; waste hauling; and material disposal. Mobilization/demobilization crew and supplies were delivered by commercial aircraft. Offsite hazmat disposal by truck-barge-rail BET-SEA-IDA. We were able to sever connected buildings to allow for the comm server to be active while demolishing the 2-story building on pilings. The comm server provides telecommunication services for Bethel and surrounding villages
Work Subcontracted: None
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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