Asplund Waste Water Treatment Incinerator Removal


Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Type of Project: Industrial; Hazardous Materials Removal & Selective Demolition
Project Duration: January-June 2016
Contractor Type: Prime Contractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos, Lead, Mercury
Quantity Removed: Unknown
Scope of Work: This project consisted of hazardous materials removal, such as asbestos, incinerator and lead abatement, along with selective demolition. Activities included asbestos removal of exhaust duct insulation, bricks, rope gaskets, flange gaskets, and valve packings. The removal of other hazardous materials included mercury switches and fluorescent light fixtures. CFE conducted sampling, analysis and air monitoring, waste hauling, and material disposal. We were able to remove the roof to allow a crane to lift off the smokestack, then designed and installed a gantry crane above the incinerator to suspend and lower steel components, bricks and refractory.
Work Subcontracted: None
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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