Elmendorf Air Force Base Power Plant


Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Type of Project: Industrial; Asbestos Abatement
Project Duration: October 2005-April 2006
Contractor Type: Subcontractor

Hazardous Materials Removed: Asbestos
Quantity Removed: Unknown
Scope of Work: This project consisted of asbestos removal within a 120,000 square foot open post and beam steel structure. It included a bomb shelter, basement, and three open floor stories measuring 90 feet in height along with six (6) – 30 x 30 x 70 boilers. Coldfoot’s challenge was to 1) establish negative pressure containments to properly and safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials with floors consisting of steel grating, 2) remove an estimated 5,120 cubic yards of asbestos thermal surface insulation (TSI) utilizing overhead cranes and hoists from all levels of the facility and 3) execute an extreme weather abatement plan for temperatures 25 – 30 below zero.
Work Subcontracted: None
Overall Evaluation: Excellent

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